Azuza Bespoke is a collaborative made-to-measure furniture design service. Louis combines his design style, CAD and digital fabrication training while also drawing on 10 years of furniture-making experience to design for a individual’s preferences. He has developed a “Design, Build, Deliver” system to make customising furniture as intuitive as having your shirt tailored.

“As a designer, I see tastes becoming more expressive and individualistic. By understanding building processes, I can combine a clients vision with design thinking and traditional building techniques to materialise and deliver a Bespoke piece for each client. With Azuza Bespoke, I seek to make each material, detail and dimension fit one’s interests.



We start by putting your specific needs at the forefront of the process. Offering a range of visual options through our Mood Board as well as physical material and finishing samples. Since furniture is tangible, we take pride in the tactile experience of each piece.

Spacial Requirments

Every space is unique in size and function. To optimise an interior, the objects within it should be coherent to the rest of the space by tailoring each piece of furniture according to the overall function of the room.


We design each piece for the users ergonomic preferences. Once the dimensions are measured for both you and your space, a model of the piece will be drawn which will allow you to see a scaled rendering before we begin building.



The technical drawing is then given to our furniture builders who take pride in their skilful work. The wood shop is fully equipped with top of the line equipment as well as an industrial finishing booth to add the perfect look and feel to your furniture.



Your furniture will be delivered to your home within 4-6 weeks after specifying each detail. We ensure each step of the process is done with particular thoughtfulness and care. Since we take great lengths to ensure the piece is perfect before leaving the shop, the same care is devoted to delivering it to your home.